January 12, 2010


Last night, friends Idiocorb and Jennbot challenged Troubletron and me to a night of ultimate gaming championshipness and glory.  Not ones to decline a chance to prove our quality or game prowess, we accepted.

(That's right.  We totally put more bulbs in the mummy lamp.  And, I strategically placed some of our Christmas candy for guest enjoyment.  EAT IT.)

After a Scattergories warm-up, we settled on an ultimate Cranium match-up.

Tensions ran high.

Unfortunately, Jennbot's sculpting skills were on point.

And Idiocorb's ability to answer super easy questions (like what is the color of the "A" button on an classic Nintendo remote) was unparalleled!

My attempt to distract them with camera flashes was unsuccessful.

On the other side of the Cranium board, Troubletron and I were unable to come up with the answer to extremely difficult questions (like what is the sum of all the whole numbers between 1 and 100?--sure I could do the math, but that timer sand doesn't last forever!)

So, I guess Jennbot and Idiocorb are the ultimate whatevertrons.  Psh.

2 Robot Reactions:

vvk said...

FYI, there's a rather easy trick to adding up the numbers 1..N:

Sparklebot said...

vvk: I didn't know you were still reading! And, yes, the Cranium card explains the trick on the answer part. But, it seems like an unreasonable question. Even with the trick, it would be difficult to figure out in the time given.