January 29, 2010

I blinded her with science

I wish I had photos to share.

Snowbird and I had an eventful day yesterday.  We took some folks to the airport in exchange for use of their minivan for the rest of the week (Yep, I'm rollin' in an Odyssey.  Play on, playette).

Then we hit the Costco to return some jeans that didn't fit Troubletron (his thighs are too muscular for the pants of a regular man) and to trick Snowbird into buying herself an iPod Touch (she currently carries around two iPod classics .  Two.  For unknown reasons).  I am excellent at trickery of Snowbird.  I've made a lifetime game of it . . . a game in which, if I'm successful, everybody wins.

I took pictures of her getting the iPod on my phone, but the phone just saved a white box with an error sign on it.  So, I have no photographic proof of Snowbird's technological leap into 2008.

She's playing thumb skeeball as we speak.

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3 Robot Reactions:

Sherpa said...

Ipod Touch!!

Thumb skeeball is a addiction of mine.

JakieWakie said...

Well done, Sparklebot. Now to get her to buy an iPad. Good luck with that.

I hope you're really rubbing it in that she is playing and enjoying a VIDEO GAME, after how much she fought the idea of any of us playing them.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Pam's planning on getting an iPhone soon as well. What is with my parents having more awesome technology than me?