January 28, 2010

If It's Good Enough For Barrack . . .

Snowbird has one goal while she visits us here in the DC area:

Meet The President

While I am very important in my own mind, I don't actually know the Obamas.  I'm not ballsy enough to throw on my reddest sari and try to sneak past the Secret Service.  So, I knew if I was going to be able to help Snowbird meet her goal, I'd have to try to think of some other way.

And, then it hit me.

Mr. President likes to eat.  And, I know where he likes to eat.  So, we went there.

"Ray" of Ray's Hell Burger is the Soup Nazi of the meat world.  If he doesn't like how you want him to cook your meat, well, he just won't cook meat for you at all.

But, he prepares an amazing slab of beef.

We took Stevetron with us.  He ordered "The Mack"

Snowbird liked the sound of that.  So, she got one too. (Return of the Mack?)

They are brother and sister, you know?

After considering the B.I.G. Poppa and the Fat Joe, I went with a Big Punisher.

"Big Punisher . . . still got whachu lookin' for" (I know my rappers).

Jalapenos and demon sauce.  Deliciously spicy.  Best burger ever?


Lanabot met us too, but she didn't eat a burger.

She sneaked sushi from her purse.

Purse sushi = even grosser than regular sushi, in my opinion (IMO?).

Alas, Barrack and Michelle must have gotten their burgers from Ben's Chili Bowl, because they were nowhere to be seen.  Don't worry, Snowbird.  We have 4 days to meet the Obamas.

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3 Robot Reactions:

Beth said...

You seriously don't know the Obamas? I'm not sure if you're cool enough to be my friend anymore.

JakieWakie said...

Why Ben's Chili Bowl? Because they're BLACK?!!! Racist.

Sparklebot said...

Beth: I'm still cool!

Jakie: If you watched the news, you'd know that Prez Obama likes Ben's.