January 25, 2010

Teenbot Turns 14

We celebrated Teenbot's 14th birthday over the weekend, giving us further confirmation that Troubletron and I are extremely old.

All the family came to celebrate, including Teenbot's two favorite teenage aunts, Catiebot and Toribot.

And, Meemawbot and Littletron, of course, were there.

(Littletron had no choice)

Proud Troubletron brings out the cake.

Teenbot requested a cinnamon crumb cake for her big day.

Time to sing.

Wind up.


(with cousins closely watching the spit content in the blow-out.  Wise cousins.)

Of course, that tiny crumb cake wasn't enough for all our guests to enjoy. So, I took the liberty of buying a back-up cake.

It had so many layers of delicious red.

You know what came next.

The barrage of presents began.  Meemawbot got camera shy.

At first, everyone was interested.  But, that faded.

Teenbot maintained focus on her goal.

On the other side of the room, a different drama played out.

It's very hard to pay attention to teen-type gifts when you are Littletron.

After ample celebration, the extended family departed, and we were left to ride out Teenbot's birthday with some relaxing couch-sitting.

Though, one of us had some homework to finish up.

(One of us is so cute with our glasses on)

But, Teenbot wasn't ready to let the fun die.  So, we rallied our remaining energies and threw them into a late-night game of Fluxx.

During which, I lost every single hand.

Well played, Teenbot.  Well played.

6 Robot Reactions:

Jodie said...

Why have I NEVER heard of Fluxx before? Sounds interesting...

Sparklebot said...

Jodie: Fluxx is really fun. My brother who used to work at a games store gave it to me when I was in college. It won some award that year for best game. But, I haven't really seen it since. I love it, though.

Shons said...

I like troubletron in glasses. He looks so studious.

Rohan said...

Happy Birthday Teenbot!

NG said...

These are about the best looking kids I've seen in a long while!

Miss Scarlet said...

Happy Birthday, Teenbot! I liked being 14.