February 5, 2010

Countdown of Love, Day 10: Jeff and Caitlin Mulcock

Today's post comes from two of my best friends.  Side of Jeffrey and I met in college in 1999 and became besties in a matter of hours.  His wife, Side of Caitlin, became my instant friend in 2006 when she came to DC with Jeffrey on a visit. They were married in 2007.

They ordinarily post on Can I Get That With a Side of Mulcock?  They tag-teamed this blog entry at 2 a.m. while rocking their newborn son, Max, back to sleep.

Caitlin and Jeff Mulcock
(Image stolen without permission from their blog)
Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. Love is a lot of things -- but let's be honest -- most people have no idea what love REALLY is.  Film, TV, books, your mom - they all point to love being a flowery, precious series of activities and feelings that ultimately lead to a happy marriage with a bundle of beautiful children.  It's a first date where sparks fly and flirtations are intense.  It's the magic of that first kiss.  It's when you propose on a sunset evening to the girl of your dreams.  It's breakfast in bed when you are sick.  Right?  WRONG FREAKIN WRONG.  That is called romance.  True, romance is a very important part of love...but it is NOT love.  Love is gritty and raw, and found in the most unlikely of places in our lives.  It's when we stand by the person most important to us when, in any normal situation, we would run for our lives.

Caitlin and I are no strangers to love.  In fact, our marriage is ripe with examples that prove that we are based on a strong foundation of love.  The following are experiences in our marriage that show us our love is good and true.  

Here are 10 simple examples of what LOVE IS (real love...not romance) in our marriage......can you think of some in yours?

1.) When your spouse asks you to pop a zit behind his/her ear and the puss-filled juice sprays up into your mouth and eye - and yet you still want to kiss this person behind their ear later. 

2.) Realizing that your spouse has waited until they got into bed to rip a big one, thus fowling up the room and sheets for minutes to come - and yet, you still wouldn't sleep with anyone else. 

3.) Listening to your spouse use the word "half-nip" every fifteen minutes for the first six months of marriage even though it is not funny at all, and yet still wanting to talk to them.  

4.) Seeing a bloody mass of disgustingness fall out of your spouses body (some call this a placenta) and yet still finding you are attracted to her anyway and in every way.

5.) Allowing your spouse to use tweezers to pluck every stray hair on your body, particularly in your sensitive nose until your eyes water up from pain. 

6.) Being willing to be the sole cleaner of the bathroom since it is your spouses least favorite room to clean (and likewise, cooking for your spouse because they hate the kitchen more than any other room in the house). 

7.)  Not being allowed to name your kids Orme, Dugas, Buhl or Wooster even though it has been your lifelong dream to mess up your children with those awesome names. 

8.)  Watching gallons of milk spray from your wife's nips like a geyser and all over your clothes any time she can't get to a breast pad fast enough while she's breastfeeding.

9.)  Letting your spouse continue to get Costco sausage dogs with Diet Coke even though for the next 6 hours it is guaranteed that his/her breath and burps will smell like spiced anus blowing in your face.

10.)  Even though you have no shame as an individual, you honor your spouse's wishes to not share even more private stories of love here on this post, so you graciously refrain because ultimately your shame is your spouses shame.

Those are just a few simple examples of love.  The fact is, Caitlin and I know we love each other because it is demonstrated in every thing that we do for each other and the sacrifices we make so that the other person can be happy.  While this commitment grows over time, so does love.  If you won't do any of those things above any more, maybe love has died.  Sad face inserted here :(

Now if you'll excuse me, we have to go to Taco Bell again for lunch because Jeff loves it.  Hey - another example of love!

The Mulcocks
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JakieWakie said...

I've never met Caitlin, but these things are sooooo Jeff. And I totally agree with the Costco dog thing.

Sparklebot said...

I feel the need to tell Caitlin that not all husbands fart in bed. Mine would be mortified if he even ACCIDENTALLY farted in front of me.

Jenna said...

oh how we love the Mulcocks here in Evanston! Loved this post! I am rolling!

Side of Jeffrey said...

Um, I would like to quickly point out that that list is a 50% me, 50% her thing...and the farting one is equally both of us. jakie, some of the ones you think are me are definitey her.

Anonymous said...

if this is really a 50/50 list, then I regret to say that Jeff has had an undue influence on Caitlin during their courtship and marriage. I met her, and I'm sure she was a real nice girl back then. Plus, her dad is a serious federal judge, and would bust a nut if he thought his daughter wrote half of these things. Jeff made 'em up.