February 4, 2010

Countdown of Love, Day 11: Beth's Thoughts on Love

Today's blog post comes from Beth, who regularly posts on Visual Anarchy.  Beth lived two blocks away from me when I was thirteen and my family moved to a strange state on the other side of the country.  We were friends through high school and into college where we worked and lived together until she got married.  She introduced me to Italian sodas and A Fish Called Wanda, and taught me everything I know about photo-editing.
(there we are at around 15-16.  What an embarrassing picture)
She now lives in Provo, UT with her husband and four lovely children.

Beth writes:

It's 5:00 in the morning.  I'm sitting in bed with my laptop listening to four year old Chase snore.  Not long ago he woke me up because he wanted a drink of water, and I couldn't get back to sleep.  It isn't uncommon for me to wake up in the morning covered in little boys (I have three of them), and on occasion a nine year old girl.  Madison (our daughter) rarely gets in bed with my husband and me because she asks, thus giving me the opportunity to say no.  The boys, on the other hand, just appear and by the time I realize what's happened, they're already asleep and I'm too tired to care.

Is this what I thought being a mother would be like?  I don't know.  I don't really remember.  I do know I never saw myself with a house full of boys.  A lot of people tell me I'm lucky because, "Boys are SO much easier than girls."  For me the jury's still out on that.  Yes, Madison may go through several outfits a day and may become overly emotional, but she's never told the neighbor he was a "pain in the ass."  I've never had to drag her to the church bathroom for a once over with a wet paper towel because she smells like a dog.  I've never found rocks in her pants pockets while doing the laundry and I don't have to disinfect the bathroom toilet, floor and walls every time she comes out of it.

So why is it that when I was asked to write my thoughts on love, the first thing that came to my mind was my boys?  Maybe it's because they are always in my space demanding my attention.  Maybe it's because without them I wouldn't know nearly as much about Star Wars, dogs, faux-hawks, or farm equipment.  I think it's because without them Madison and I wouldn't need to get away from them, and a night out with just us girls cures a lot of ills.  However, I think it's also because I love each of their strange little personalities.  And I love them not in spite of, but because of, the funny, quirky, and sometimes disgusting behaviors that come along with them.

Beth's Brood:
Kai, Davis, Madison, and Chase 

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4 Robot Reactions:

Beth said...

Looking at that picture of us makes me wonder how it is I didn't get more dates.

Shons said...

What a lovely guest post Beth. What beautiful children. I love the hawk.

Sparklebot said...

Beth: I was thinking the same thing--but about myself. Troubletron asked me why my face was so shiny. I guess he didn't know about my horrible acne problem.

Shons: Yes, Beth's kids are adorable. She has done a great job of kicking off our guest bloggers! (I hope you've been preparing yours!)

mhambster said...

Beth said: "Looking at that picture of us makes me wonder how it is I didn't get more dates."
I agree. The two of you should both have been swimming in guys looking for a date.
Perhaps you just didn't solicit yourself enough?