February 3, 2010

Countdown of Love, Day 12: Valentine's Days Past

I used to have another blog.
On that blog, around Valentine's Day 2007, I wrote the following post, chronicling just a few of the pathetic experiences from my Valentine's past.  The post, specifically, was about how men are, in my experience, terrible gift-givers.  Enjoy:

For the past two Valentine's Days, I have been in relationships. Each time, I prepared thoughtful, creative, sweet gifts for my boyfriend, yet in both instances, I was left disapppointed. Before you tell me that my disappointment was a direct consequence of my falsely-grounded expectations, let me tell you what each of those two boyfriends gave me, and then you can decide.

2005: I was dating J.

J and I had been dating since early October of the year before--so, we had clocked 4.5 months at the time Valentine's Day came around. For Valentine's Day, he gave me (are you ready for this): NOTHING.

After I gave him my extremely thoughtful gift, he felt guilty so he took me out to dinner at (are you ready for this): Chic-fil-a. Nothing says "I love you" like fried chicken and waffle fries. I think he sensed my disappointment because he sent flowers three days later, claiming they were supposed to be delivered on V-day, but that the florist had messed up.

2006: I was dating C.

C and I met on New Years Eve, so we had only been dating for a month and a half on Valentine's Day 2006. However, C started telling me weeks in advance to set aside the evening of the 14th for a special dinner. I metro-ed out to Bethesda where he asked me to meet him. I waited over half an hour outside (in February) of the Barnes & Noble (where he was doing a little shopping) before we went to dinner at the nearby Rio Grande Cafe (at least he made us a reservation).

We bickered about one thing or another all through dinner.  When the bill came he quickly admitted he didn't have the funds to pay for it. So, I stepped up.

After dinner, I "opened" the gifts I had waited half an hour for him to buy (and, by "opened," I mean, I pulled them out of the B&N bag). He got me: 1) A movie called Mirrormask that I've never heard of, and 2) a book from the self-help section about how to make your boyfriend happy. Seriously.

I guess this is all good news for my future boyfriends--throw a piece of chocolate at me and say "hey, I like you," and you'll have given me the best Valentine's day ever! But, seriously, why is it so hard for guys to put 10 minutes of thought into a gift?

I am happy to update this post by reporting that Troubletron is a remarkably thoughtful gift-giver.  Though, now that we're married, it will be interesting to see if he thinks he can slack off.  Wink wink.

Don't forget to join us tomorrow and everyday from now until Valentine's Day (even weekends!) for our Countdown of Love!

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Beth said...

A self help book about how to make your boyfriend happy? Seriously? That is awesome.

Trouble Tron said...

I wonder if they have a book about how to make your husband happy? That is worth checking out!

Cathy said...

Awesomely sad. That book tops all others I have heard, he should have learned from the first guy and done nothing.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Is J Juice Stain in this story? If so, it makes sense. It is your fault for ever dating Juice Stain in the first place. He was serious Douche Stain.