February 19, 2010

Everyone Was Groped

I forgot to tell you something.

Last Sunday, we sat down at the crafting table as a family to make homemade Valentine's cards for whomever we wished.  What I didn't tell you is that Littletron didn't want to make Valentine's, or really, to do anything that anyone else wanted to do.  At all.  Even if he wanted to do it first, if someone else joined in, he didn't want to do it anymore.  That's just his way.

But, anyway, Littletron didn't want to make Valentine's cards.  Even after I spent several minutes making him feel guilty about how sad his mommy, grandparents, brothers, and sisters would be if they didn't get a Valentine from him (I'm already guilting children.  Less than a year of Step-mother-hood, and here I am), he wouldn't budge.

Finally, after Troubletron intervened, Littletron agreed.  "I will make ONE Valentine.  ONE.  Got it?"

Fine.  One.

I wondered who his ONE Valentine would be to.
He cut out ONE small heart from some heart-patterned paper.  And, on the back he wrote:

So, his ONE Valentine is to everyone.

For a 9 year old, there is a lot of "groping" going on.
After examining the card, I have determined that he punched out one pink construction paper heart for every "aldalt"  and every kid in his family.  Then, he separated them into those "gropes."  But, he loves us all, no matter where we were groped.

Some people don't like to be groped with other adults.  But, I don't really mind it.

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JakieWakie said...

I kind of enjoy being groped with other adults. It gives me a sense of togetherness.

Beth said...

I love that card! Its a keeper.

NG said...

That is awesome.

Personally, I think whether you enjoy being groped or not all hinges on who's doing the groping.

Ginna said...

Ha! That is hilarious. Kids are such a crackup.

Cathy said...

guilt is a wonderful parenting tool. I too was surprised at how quickly I began using it.

Shons said...

This was great. Littletron cracks me up

Rohan said...

My favorite part of Littletron's Valentine is the backwards "1" in Grope 1. Can't beat that.