February 22, 2010

You've Got To Know When to Hold 'em

 . . though, I think knowing when to fold 'em is often the greater skill.

I know many people might think that teaching your children to gamble is inappropriate.  But, they're going to learn it on TV anyway--so we might as well let them experiment in a safe environment with Star Wars cards and Monopoly money.

If they're going to gamble, we'd rather them do it at home.
In a safe, albeit ridiculous environment.
No, these aren't Mardi Gras beads.  We're not THAT cool.
We just wanted everyone to be able to hone their skills.
And, maybe come away with a little cheddah
Ok, I won ONE big pot.  One.
It's hard to hone your skills though, when you get 45 texts per hand.
Don't worry.  Her jeans are supposed to be like that.
Of course, the player with the highest learning curve was Littletron, as he was the only player unfamiliar with the basic rules of Poker.

But, he was not intimidated.
In fact, Littletron takes very few things seriously.  Poker is not one of those few things.

I wonder where he gets that from.

Have I mentioned Littletron has a hard time focusing on things?

There was, indeed, time enough for countin' when the dealing was done.

And, time enough for fruit roll-ups.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Since when do you know how to play poker. have we played poker? I don't think we have. I started playing poker with my grandparents when I was like 6, so these kids aren't too young.

snowbird said...

Yep, like Father, like son...... did you play the Ticket to Ride game yet????