February 15, 2010

Valentine's Breakfast

Troubletron and I wanted to do something special for the kids yesterday morning, to celebrate Valentine's Day--to get everyone in the mood for the celebration of love.  So, we arose a few minutes early to make a delicious LOVE breakfast.

We started with the homemade pancake mix my sister-in-law made us for Christmas.

Troubletron plus powder equals disaster.

He mixed it up with expert speed, until it had reached ideal lumpiness.

We added a drop of coloring, and proceeded to create an entire line of:
. . . sort of heart-shaped pancakes.

Even though many turned out more like human hearts than cupid hearts (see first pancake pic above), I think everyone got the pink, hearty message.

A LOVE breakfast wouldn't be complete, though, without some Turkey Bacon.

Because that's something everyone loves.

We added a few shakes of purple sprinkles, and forced the kids to eat every single bite!
Because, apparently, they wanted doughnuts for breakfast.  Not pancakes.  And, when kids are told they can't have a doughnut until they eat all their pancakes, they are magically able to eat whole stacks of pancakes.

I enjoyed mine though (sans doughnuts).
Troubletron remained in the kitchen while I began eating, saying he wanted to finish up making the pancakes.  I thought he was being sweet, letting me sit down and eat while he finished up the work.

It turned out, however, that he just wanted to make one GIANT pancake for himself.

You can't tell from the photo, but it was at least 3/4 of an inch thick.  It was massive.  And, he ate every last bite.  Because Troubletron loves pancakes.

I hope your Valentine's Day began just as happily as ours.

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Shons said...

You sound like such a strict mom. "You can't have donuts until you eat your pancakes!"

Carly said...

Looks delish. Don't think I didn't notice your adorable yellow butter dish from Anthropologie, because I did.

Anonymous said...

That second pancake looks like its has lady parts. Sort of like an Amish Georgia O'Keefe painting.