March 9, 2010

Celebrate Good Times

Troubletron's family threw us an extra special First Anniversary party on Sunday, to honor our special day.

We re-enacted--well, we never did it the first time, so just enacted, I guess--the cake-cutting that WOULD have taken place if we had had a wedding.
But, there was no shoving cake in anyone's face.

That's just bad taste.

Troubletron's whole family gathered, to celebrate our special day with games (they are beginning to learn how I roll).
So, we played charades.  But, not the real way.  We made the mistake of letting the two 14 year-olds come up with an entire bowl of clues that the rest of us had to act out.  Huge mistake.

Some of us had to act out "texting."  Others of us had to act out "Bill Nye the Science Guy."
Everyone looked silly.

(Our team won, of course!)

After the party, the kids stayed behind and Troubletron and I got to go out to dinner and a movie alone!
Thanks to the Trons for giving us a great anniversary!

(Thanks to my hair for NOTHING.  I need a cut so bad.)
(There were more pictures of us cutting the cake, and other tender moments.  Unfortunately, we gave our camera to the 9 year-old photographer.  Not that she didn't do an excellent job--she did.  But, she is so short, that all the photos are from the WORST POSSIBLE ANGLE, making both Troubletron and I look like we are 40 lbs heavier than we actually are.  That's not how I want you to think of us on our anniversary.  Ok, fine, maybe that's not how I want to think of myself on my anniversary.  Whatever the case, I filtered, and now you know it.)

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Shackles2Garlands said...

How wonderful! Happy Anniversary!

NG said...

Happy Anniversary! One year down, too many to count to go.