March 17, 2010

One Day to Rule Them All

On Sunday last, the fourteen day of March in the second year of Obama, four companions set out from Rivendell Falls Church to accomplish a seemingly undoable task:

to watch all three Lord of the Rings EXTENDED CUT movies in a 24 hour period.
(nerd alert)
Everyone got very comfortable.  A little too comfortable.

We were even joined by our own tiny "eagle."  We tried to teach Beaker to save us from the tops of towers where we've been trapped by an evil wizard.

To add to our enjoyment of the films, we created a Lord of the Rings themed menu to take us through the day.

We started off with bacon and sausages in The Shire.
And, of course, the Shirelings' favorite side dish, taters ("PO-TA-TOES.  Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a shtew.")
Though we did not have pints, we enjoyed many varieties of "ale" including cream sodas, ginger ale, and root beer.

We had apples on hand, for "second breakfast," like the hobbits ate while walking with Strider, before the Witch King stabbed Frodo with a Morgul blade on Weathertop.

We enjoyed some "salted pork," like Merry and Pippen found at Isengard, after the Ents took control.

We even tasted some "manflesh" like the Uruk-hai wished they could have while transporting the two hobbits back to Isengard.

We figured, "yeah, why can't we have some meats?"
(No men or women were injured to get this "manflesh," but a cow was . . . I assume)

The manflesh was prepared by Jennbot, who was our only Lord of the Rings novice.
To sustain us on our long journey, we also enjoyed some lembas bread (just one small bite can fill the stomach of a grown man).
How many did Idiocorb eat?  Many.

And, then, we prepared the traditional Tolkien Banana Pudding.

Of course it's in the movies.

Shut up.

At 11 p.m. on Sunday evening, we were all so full of food and tired from not moving all day, that we sort of wanted to die.  But, it was glorious.

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7 Robot Reactions:

R. Siren said...

Ha, ha! Love it! I'm very jealous. My past Sunday now sucked.

I think I've blogged that I would much rather attend a viewing of all three LOTR movies than go to a girlie bachelorette party...

JakieWakie said...

So I've been thinking about this post for the past day, mostly jealous of not only the movie watching, but of the accompanying food. One element continues to bother me--Jennbot is a LOTR novice.

Does that mean she'd never seen them until that day? What kind of person is this Jennbot? To have gone this long without seeing them suggests that she must have gone out of her way this whole time to make sure NOT to see them. What is her problem? More importantly, did she see the error of her ways by finally enjoying them in all their majesty?

snowbird said...

Banana pudding........enough said. That was enough to make it a special day.....

idio said...

I don't believe that never having seen LOTR denotes a problem. What kind of person is Jennbot? One of the best and better than most. She watched and enjoyed hours of LOTR as well as taking part in the rest of the festivities. What more do you need to know about her to recognize the type of person that she is? Jennbot is the daughter of Nonibot. You owe her your allegiance.

Carly said...

This looks like the perfect day to me.

Miss Scarlet said...

I have never seen any of the LOTR movies.

Grace said...

This really is an awesome idea...I may just have to steal it.