March 5, 2010

A Year

A year ago (tomorrow) (but on a Friday like today), Troubletron and I were boarding a plane to Las Vegas so that my mother could meet my fiance. 

It was Troubletron's first trip to Las Vegas, and I'd wager it will be his most memorable.

On the Saturday night of the trip, we stood before Reverend Betty (aka, The Crypt Keeper) at the Chapel of the Bells, who was kind enough to marry us (instead of sucking out our souls), as Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" played softly in the background, almost making me laugh out loud, during the service.

On Sunday (2 days from now), Troubletron and I will have been married for one year.  We will listen to our complimentary cassette tape audio recording of the event (anyone have a tape player?), and will remember the ridiculousness of that night.

Despite our parents' anger, despite the fact that we got exactly 12 wedding presents total (none of which came from our parents), and despite everyone's comments that we had made a huge mistake, we wouldn't have had our wedding any other way.
Post-posting addition:

Many of you have mentioned that you were planning to send/give gifts at the party we were planning to have to commemorate our wedding (that we had hoped to have on our first anniversary).  Unfortunately, my unemployment has lasted too long for us to be able to afford to throw a party worth anyone flying in for.  It seems no such event will take place.

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JakieWakie said...

As a family member who didn't give you a present, I just want to clarify that we were waiting for the one-year-later party you told us you were going to have but now are not going to do. We'd like to give you a present eventually.

Beth said...

YEAH! Happy one year anniversary!

Trouble Tron said...

Jakie, I consider having a wonderful new brother as gift enough! (although Target gift cards are nice too)

Jillian said...

I had a cupcake for breakfast today. I am now counting it as a serindipitious fluke, akin to saving the top of the cake to eat on your anniversary...since I wasn't around to even know about the elopement anyway.

Ginna said...

Wow! A year. That's a big milestone! Happy anniversary :)

Melissa said...

I think it completely rules that you got married in Vegas, and now that I'm dealing with this miserable wedding planning shit, I can see why you did. It's a big pile of bullshit that people were angry at you and said it's a mistake, fuck that shit (sorry for my language)!

Personally, I think that a small affair with just the two of you is much more meaningful than a big, stupid, princess-fantasy wedding that's just designed to show off to others.

Anyhoo, congrats on the 1-year anniversary!!! And also, congrats on the job, even if it's unpaid, at least you've got your foot in the door somewhere, which is a big deal in this economy!

Shackles2Garlands said...

I agree with Melissa (not in language though, lol, although I'm sure most of that is the result is wedding planning frustration :- ).

I am very proud that you made your wedding exactly as it should be: YOUR wedding. It is yours, and how you choose to celebrate your union will always be sanctified. No man-made law or rule can overshadow that :- )

I still hope you get to have a fun anniversary party. Or any party celebrating your love. Too bad I'm not independently wealthy, or you guys would be having your party now! :- )

Carly said...

Congrats and happy anniversary! People who spend tons of money and make a big to-do about their wedding are missing the point of a marriage. I'm glad you two are happy, which is what really counts.

Cathy said...

Congratulations! One year, and it seems that it has been a difficult one and if you're still in love, that is what matters - not where you got married.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Super duper pooper congrats on hitting the one year mark! You still have a year left before you aren't eligible to play the newlywed game (if it were still a game show).

snowbird said...

Happy Anniversary -- the first of many, many years of marital bliss!!! NOW, Speaking for the parents here: We did NOT say it was a mistake. We were deeply hurt that we weren't invited to the nuptials (considering that we were only 10 miles away from the location of the nuptials). We have been waiting to help plan and finance the wedding party - we planned to give gifts at the party - what would a party be without gifts? And in our defense, we have tried to help in other ways this first year (other than the wedding gift, I mean). I feel the parents got an undeserved bad rap in your post today.

Anonymous said...

holding a grudge much?