March 4, 2010

The Fate of Marzipan

(Beaker stalks the polka dots)

Many of you expressed concern for our older bird, Marzipan, at the announcement we made earlier this week that we had given up on training her and acquired our new bird, Beaker.

I'm not sure what kind of monsters you think we are, but Marzipan was not put down, taken to an animal shelter, or allowed fly out the window.  She is in her cage, in our bedroom, where she bites at anything that passes within six feet of her cage like a rabid badger.  She gets fed and watered everyday, and has plenty of toys to practice biting on.

So, don't weep for Marzipan.  She'd bite you if she could.

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NG said...

Sounds like Marzipan is kin to my many years passed, Timmy, who bit holes in the web between my thumb and forefinger.

Jana said...

Naughty little bird.