April 8, 2010

One More Easter Post . . .

We definitely dyed Easter eggs with the kids this year.  Definitely.  In fact, we dyed them in a big, collaborative family-egg-dying-spectacular event at uncle Stevetron's house with 20 cups of dye and 150 eggs and so many egg-dying implements . . . it was glorious.

But, I didn't get any pictures of that because I was too busy making sure Littletron didn't spill egg dye on the rug or feed hard boiled eggs to the dogs or eat another doughnut (somehow, he fit 4 into his tiny, 9 year old stomach) or whatever other unforeseen disaster laid ahead.  He needs supervision . . . let's just put it that way.  So, I didn't get any photos of that wondrous event.

However, Troubletron and I held a sort of practice dye event about a week before Easter to test dye mixture strengths and to hone our techniques.  I do have some pictures from that . . . if you'll indulge me.
Is it in poor taste to dye eggs over the obituary page?  Probably.

But I was too excited to even notice, with all the beautiful dyes and this carton of blank canvases.
When I was a kid, Snowbird always prepared one dozen eggs per child, so, I didn't really like sharing these 16 (two casualties in the boiling process) with Troubletron.  I don't really like sharing at all--let's be honest.

I gathered all the necessary tools.
And set to work.
And, I think we got some pretty mediocre eggs!
Why did I share these mediocre eggs with you?

Because, sometimes you have to just admit you're not good at something.  I'm not really ready to admit that now, but I'm taking first steps.

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Shackles2Garlands said...

I think they turned out pretty well! I always loved making glitter eggs. My mom hated it, as she should have, because the glitter got everywhere. Plus, each year there was at least one egg that was missed. It would be found several months later. Did you know that a hard boiled egg does not smell? It does, however, tend to look deceivingly normal. Until you crack it open.

Cathy said...

better than mediocre
what are the crayons for?? did you draw the flowers with those, if so that is some serious skill