April 6, 2010

Family Easter Egg Toss

I hope you've enjoyed my blogging hiatus.  I know I have.  I used my time away to refresh and revitalize.  I hope you have done the same. 

It's time to return, though.  Don't worry.  I'll ease you in with a light, picture-centric post.

Troubletron's family celebrates Easter each year with a large family lunch at Troubletron's parents house, at which all the aunts and uncles and cousins and stepkids and exes, and everyone else you can think of gathers to celebrate the coming of the Easter Santa Bunny.  After lunch, the family lines up on the front lawn for intense competition and mockery of the weak an Easter Egg Toss.
Everybody (except Littletron) waits with anticipation.
One by one, each partner throws her egg across the divide.  Teenbot shows great form, above.  Troubletron, below.
On the other side of the lawn, partners try to catch.  Sometimes they do.  Sometimes they don't.  And, when they don't, it's usually a disaster.
(Sorry for the blurriness.  I took this picture from very far away).  Here's a zoom-in on the egg-break.
But, the very best part of the egg toss is watching Littletron.  Let me show you why:
We tried to tell him he doesn't need to actually look like a chicken when trying to throw an egg.
Close one.
Nope.  Close again.  But, nope.
Maybe try keeping those eyes open to increase your chances?
And, finally, yes.

Hope you had a Happy Easter.

3 Robot Reactions:

Side of Jeffrey said...

Um, wait. What? I THOUGHT MY FAMILY WAS THE ONLY FAMILY THAT PARTICIPATED IN EGG TOSS ON EASTER???? Wow. What an excellent family tradition. The intensity and seriousness of this tradition in my family is not to be messed with.

Jana said...

I love the concentration faces. So cute :)

Beth said...

Apparently Little Tron and I have a similar mind set. We both believe that having your tongue out aids in concentration.