March 23, 2010

Making your children jealous

Last weekend, when Teenbot and Littletron were scheduled to spend the weekend with us, Teenbot's friend had a "very important" volleyball event, to which Teenbot "really needed" to go to show her friend "support."  Troubletron does not often grant such requests, since he misses and loves his children and looks forward to seeing them every other weekend.  You can imagine, I'm sure.  But, Teenbot promised this would be a one-time thing, and begged and pleaded, and Troubletron finally gave in.  So, we just had Littletron last weekend.

We did what any parent would do in this one-child situation: everything we could to make Teenbot jealous.  This was primarily accomplished here:

I know what you locals are thinking.

"Landmark Mall?  NO ONE would be jealous of you going there.  Half the stores there are closed down or empty. That mall is only good for one thing: going to Chic-fil-a."  And, ordinarily, you'd be correct.  But this is no ordinary week at Landmark.
Landmark was hosting a fair.

I can't resist a fair.  The lights, the corndogs, the cheap prizes, the cotton candy, the loud music, and the carnies--OH THE CARNIES--I love it all!

Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual.

Fairs hate me and my broken back.  They taunt and tease me with their shiny lights and nostalgic rides that they KNOW I can't ride.

But, I refuse to let it ruin my fun.

We started off our day on "The Himalaya," a ride I definitely shouldn't have ridden, but did.
Then, the boys did bumper cars . . . I was smart enough to sit out, desiring to be able to walk for the rest of the day.

Littletron is out for blood:
Actually, that is just his concentration face (tongue out, and all).  He really preferred to just drive the car around and avoid other cars.
Next up, the "Taz" swing.
Then the Tilt-a-whirl
That picture was taken while the T-a-W was in motion.  And, this one is Littletron lecturing me about the dangers of taking pictures while the ride is in motion.
Littletron did the giant slide in a potato sack (I can't believe people pay $3 to do this slide).

Then, we stepped into the fun house.

Obligatory mirror pictures:
Here is what Troubletron and I would look like as Little People:
Ferris wheel:
Inside the giant, spinning bears (not sure what this pose is all about):
Merry-go-round (run by a female CARNIE!)
In that picture, you can see one of the other things that hates me (besides fairs): THE SUN.  Even though I applied 70 spf sunscreen, my shoulders and forehead were already burning.

Littletron, surprisingly, loved the "Starship" more than all the other rides.
He rode twice in a row.  I could only handle one time.

And, finally, we braved the food lines to enjoy a funnel cake, evidenced by the powdered sugar all over my skirt:

So, TAKE THAT, Teenbot!

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Beth said...

I've never really been interested in going to the fair. However, your pictures make it seem very exciting. Maybe I'll give it a try next time they come around.

Jana said...

Looks fun! Aren't you guys one of those people that paid $3 for the slide on a sack ride?? Suckas!!

Sparklebot said...

Beth: That makes no sense. Why would you not be interested in the fair?

Jana: No, we didn't. We paid for the wristbands that let you ride unlimited rides. We had coupons! So, it wasn't as outrageously priced as it was to others who used tickets.

Shackles2Garlands said...

How fun! I love carnivals! Carnies are a scary lot though. Much scarier than rennies. I have a few friends who run rides on the carnival circuit, and they are a special lot. I love them to death though. They are dirt poor (like most rennies), and usually the carnival treats them the way early American miners were treated by the company they worked for (company store, company credit, but no real money). They're happy in their life though. Off the road for a while, and they start to get loopy and depressed. I'm glad you had a good time!

Sherpa said...

I LOVE fairs...Fairs and any community festival, open markets, etc. So jealous!

Shons said...

This reminds me of our trip to celebrate finishing the MPRE. Glad you guys had fun. Now I just want a funnel cake.

Sparklebot said...

Shons: It reminded me very much of that trip too--but that fair we went to was WAY better. WAY. This one didn't even have lifestock.

Jillian said...

I can seriously get down on a fair. Carnies are the greatest. We usually make some sort of BINGO ish card looking for things like, "Missing no less than 3 teeth," "No bra....obviously," "Mexi-Mullet," "Fem Mullet"

Each item is worth different point values, as some are harder to find than others.

(And as a side note, are you exaggerating about how your back is just hurt....or is it really broken?)

jess said... look babe-a-licious in these photos and it makes me miss you in that we used to be roommates kind of way. let's catch up sometime. loves