March 22, 2010

Spring Socce . . .er . . . Football

For our family, the year's onset of warmth equals the start of half a year of dragging ourselves to elementary schools, churchyards, and rec centers all over Northern Virginia to watch Troubletron and his friends play real football.
 Every weekend, it's the same.

Troubletron dominates the assembled group.
And, we, as a family, support him.
. . . with our FULL attention.
Well, at least, we try.
Though, sometimes, distractions creep in.
Yeah, I play "easy" sudoku.  So what?  I don't think logic "games" should make me feel bad about myself.

So begins our spring/summer/fall weekend obligation.
("Why isn't Littletron playing?" you may ask, seeing that there are children on the field.  Well, physical activity isn't really Littletron's thing . . . yet.)
("Why aren't you playing?" you may ask, seeing a varied group of men, women, and children on the field.  Well, my back is currently broken.  Also, I don't really know how to play . . .).

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Beth said...

Madison is very upset with me right now because I forgot about spring soccer and missed the deadline to sign her up. she is very very unhappy but for some reason I'm not very upset about the whole thing.