June 30, 2010

Get in the mood for Independence Day

I've been thinking about how much airtime (eyetime?) holidays like Christmas and Halloween got here on this blog, and how it might make you think that I don't really care much about the holidays I haven't featured (Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.).  If you did think that, you are right.  Those holidays have nothing in it for me.  I just make it through them, counting down the months until we get another "good" holiday.


Independence Day is sort of like that.  I mean, I like gathering for a BBQ with people.  I don't mind watching fireworks, if I don't have to leave the comfort of my own back yard (or balcony, as the case may be).

I wonder though, if I'm going about this whole "holiday" thing wrong.  Maybe I should be trying harder to find joy in each holiday, even if it historically bored me.

Here's my try for Independence Day.  Maybe it'll get you psyched too?

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Troubletron liked this one because it featured Thomas Jefferson.  He's a Virginian who isn't buying into this whole John-Adams-Renaissance we've been seeing lately.

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Sherpa said...

The Revolutionary War history only interests me to a point. Then there's the deification of the Founding Fathers by those crazy constitutionalists that drives me crazy!!
That being said, I like birthday parties, and I consider the 4th to be a huge birthday party!!