June 29, 2010

Ray of Sunlight

Troubletron and I are moving this coming weekend.  Don't ask me where.  Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you (because some of you are crazy).

But, wherever we go, it will be a temporary situation--and all the "temporary situations" we have available to us at this point are not exactly "bird friendly" (translation: they contain cats).  So, we will be taking our birds down to stay with my grandpa (aka "Papatron") in North Carolina until we can find a new bird-friendly home or until he can't stand the constant squawking anymore . . . whichever comes first.

We've been stressing out about the timeline of the move, and about where to live, and when I will find a job, and, well, the list goes on.  We were beginning to think nothing would ever go our way.

And then, I saw this on facebook:
CHEERWINE KREME FILLED KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS hit grocery stores on July 1 in the Carolina's (we're really sorry folks outside of the Carolina's but Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme go way back in these parts). JULY ONLY... LIMITED EDITION Cheerwine Doughnut... Snacktacular!

If you know what Cheerwine is, you are so jealous right now.

Krispy Kreme, we have a date in Kannapolis, NC this weekend.   And, maybe in Chapel Hill too.

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Jodie said...

I love doughnuts! I expect a full report on the tastiness of these bad boys. And even though you don't know where YOU will live...I'm glad your birds have a place. Good luck!

JakieWakie said...


I almost crapped my pants just now. Nothing finer than to be living in Carolina!

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that there are no Krispy Kreme stores in Chapel Hill, though we do see Krispy Kreme doughnuts in grocery stores. This news just made my day.

Side of Jeffrey said...

NO NONONONONNNONONONON NOOOOOOOOT FAAIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Why can this not be in Chicago? Why cannot I not bathe in cheerwine filled Krispee Kreme's??? WHY???

Miss Scarlet said...

Get Sonic on the way down, too.

smith fam said...

yeah, what Jeff said, but sub in UT for Chicago.