June 28, 2010

Afternoon Storm

At around 2:30 p.m. today, after a morning of 99 degree weather, I noticed it was looking a bit dark and dreary outside.  I walked out onto the balcony and saw storm clouds moving at a noticeably speedy pace.  I grabbed the camera.   Watch the clouds.

All photos were taken in a 3 minute span of time.

They moved so quickly out of the shot--and over me--it was amazing.
(other side of building)

I stood in awe, having never seen clouds move so fast before in my life, when the loudest crack of thunder I've ever heard stomped through the air and nearly knocked me down.

The wind began to blow, and all of a sudden chairs began sliding 20 feet across concrete and into the pool.
And, then the rain dropped.
And, I began getting wet, so I went back inside.  The lights flickered and the birds flapped in their traditional panic.  Ten minutes later, the sun was back out and the ominous clouds are nowhere to be seen.

2 Robot Reactions:

Ginna said...

Wow, that's so amazingly dramatic! I love seeing those pictures.

Sherpa said...

That was quite the storm yesterday...Crazy cool photos!