June 26, 2010

Help For A Good Cause

I don't do this very often, so please consider this one request!

This cutie, to the left, is Brynn.

Brynn has Retts Syndrome, a disorder caused by a mutation on the X chromosome, that affects only girls.  Seemingly normal babies begin exhibiting symptoms around 6-18 months old. After a normal development, they begin to see regression in speech, motor coordination and many other areas. It is a very hard, taxing disease for both child and parents.

Pepsi is doing a something called the Pepsi Refresh Project and we can help Retts research get a boost of $250,000 from Pepsi if it receives enough votes. It actually has a good chance of getting the money if we all pitch in. Retts is actually a disease that is getting closer to being solved.

All you have to do is CLICK HERE! Every day, click on this link and vote. You have to sign in with an email address, but I don't think that's too much to ask.  You can also link to it on Facebook and vote straight from Facebook if you'd prefer.

Thanks for your help.

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Shackles2Garlands said...

The link didn't work, but I found another link for it: http://www.refresheverything.com/rettresearchtoreality