August 6, 2009

Employment Woes

Today, as I hobbled out of bed, put on the same pair of yoga pants that I've worn for the last three days that have dinner stains from Tuesday, tripped over a unicorn and then a panda, stumbled into the bathroom to see what I assume was a dried drool trail on my chin and T-shirt, I wondered . . .

Why can't I find a job!

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Noname said...

Buck up! Depends what you looking to go into! Obviously something to do with your law degree you've worked hard to earn, consider what you would like to do and go from there!

I am not sure what your focus in school was (i.e. Copyright and law, business law, etc.), but if you are interested in fashion, etc. (just as an example), check with any designers who may be looking for attorneys! It may be just checking paperwork and so on, but still, you get to be a part of what you enjoy :- )

I work in Accounting (yes, we are icky, but I genuinely love working with numbers), and I work for an advertising agency. It sounds crazy, but it's actually very fun and sometimes even exciting when working with clients. It is not stuffy at all! I imagine if there is actually interesting jobs in Accounting, I am certain with your experience you'll find something in what you love!

Good luck! :- )

snowbird said...

Noname is right! There are jobs in the most unlikely places!!! Keep your chin up! You will find a job. (check the Auto Parts stores...... for defense attorney work!!!)