September 28, 2009

Horrible Update

Remember when I blogged about this gentleman:

He was one of the interesting characters I saw outside Troubletron's work.

Neither Troubletron nor I knew who this guy was. However, last week, Troubletron overheard one of his employees (who had just come back from a funeral of a friend) say:

"the girl who saw the accident said that she saw something fly WAY up in the sky…it was his helmet, you know that joint with the Mohawk on it”


RIP Faux-Mohawk guy.

2 Robot Reactions:

JakieWakie said...

Are you sure it was him?

Sparklebot said...

No, Jakie, we are not sure. But, how many guys with faux mohawk helmets that know people that work at Troubletron's store could there be?