September 25, 2009

Marzi not a cracker

Many friends and family have requested more information about our bird, Marzipan. They want to know how this aviary family member is fitting in around the house, and if she's progressing.

Here are some fun facts about Marzipan that you may be interested in.

1. Her favorite TV show is The Cosby Show.

She LOVES it. As soon as she hears the theme music she goes NUTS in her cage, flapping all around, fluffing feathers all around the room. This was quite a relief for our family. We were a bit worried that an all-white bird might, well, you know, be racist. She has exceeded our expectations.

2. Her least favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy.

I don't even watch Grey's Anatomy. I sometimes watch episodes of Frasier on Lifetime in the morning while getting dressed. And then sometimes when I run errands or something during the day, I leave the TV on for her so she won't feel lonely (a website told me to do that, so don't think I'm a crazy bird lady). Eventually, on Lifetime, Grey's Anatomy reruns come on. She gets REALLY upset.

3. Troubletron is still afraid if we let her out of the cage, she'll attack his eyes.

Interesting fear for someone who uses his eyes for his own form of terror.

4. Marzipan likes dance/techno and 90's alternative music.

She's rocking to Aqua right now.

5. She's still terrified of humans.

After weeks of being very nice, using soothing tones, and feeding her, she still cowers in what she considers to be her safe corner when a human comes within 10 feet of her cage.

3 Robot Reactions:

JakieWakie said...

She was using soothing tones, yet she doesn't want to play?

She definitely has good TV taste. The real test will be in a few weeks, to see if she likes 30 Rock. If not, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that that's a dealbreaker, ladies.

Troubletron needs to get over his fear. Perhaps by having him feel what a parakeet bite feels like, so he knows that his eyes are pretty safe even if she did try to bite his eyes out? Letting the bird fly free is half the fun of having a bird.

Have you noticed that I'm almost always the first person to comment on your blog posts?

Sparklebot said...

Jakie: I'll tell you what I HAVE noticed--that hardly anyone comments on or reads this blog. And, if they don't start, there's going to be trouble.

And, I use soothing tones, not Marzipan.

Shons said...

Marzi and I have something in common. I also feel afraid when I hear the grey's anatomy theme song.