November 11, 2009


Since whining is one of the things I do best, here is a list of my current frustrations/whines. Weigh in.

1) As an unemployed person, I find myself scheduling seemingly endless "informational interviews" with professional folks in the DC area who are supposed to give me career guidance (and maybe pass my name along to any colleagues they might have who happen to be hiring). I had two of these such interviews this week. The first was rescheduled AFTER I had gotten up two hours early to get ready and metro downtown. The second--well, I was stood up. Both people claimed to be home with a sick child.

I hate this.

2) I'm getting fat again because I'm too stressed. And, that stresses me out. Which makes me more fat. There's no way out of that.

3) Because I'm getting fat again, I only have one suit I can wear that fits and doesn't look ridiculous. But, since I keep having suit-necessitating events, I pretty much just wear the same thing everyday.

4) I want to put up my Christmas decorations to make myself feel warm and Christmasy (I like to drag out the joy of the season). But, this is my first Christmas season married to Troubletron. I don't want him to judge me for putting things up too early.

5) Everyone in my family is getting stuff from Target's "One Spot" (one dollar) section for Christmas.

What's that, JakieWakie? You don't like Smurf stickers? Too bad.

Yeah, kids. That includes you.

6) I want as many people to read this blog as read my other blog. I know I worked on that one for like 4 years, so it's more established. But, I kind of thought people would just move over here when I did. Yet, that blog gets 3 times as many daily hits as this one does--and I haven't updated it with a substantive post in three months. Also, in those three months, it's gained three more "followers," all of whom are strangers. This blog has 12 total "followers." And, that includes me and Troubletron.

Why? Tell me why.

7) Troubletron and I had to cancel our cable service a month or so ago to try to make ends meet. Since we couldn't mindlessly surf channels anymore, we started watching the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (you know I own them all--but Troubletron had never seen an episode). We just finished the end of the final season a few days ago. Now, when I wake up in the morning, I remember that Buffy is over, or that Spike died and I get sad all over again.

8) Troubletron doesn't like the Chipmunk Christmas CD. So, what am I supposed to listen to for the next month and a half?

9) Something makes my kitchen smell perpetually weird. I cant' find it.

I guess I'll stop there. I could continue.

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Jillian said...

I hate mysterious kitchen smells. If all else fails....I would not be opposed to burning the place down.

I am prone to overreactions.

restaurant refugee said...

I know your pain and I hope things (on the job front) get better; and by the by, I have the first two seasons of The L Word if you'd like em'.

JakieWakie said...

Smurf stickers...not exactly my favorite. Maybe you just need to show up to Target early on Black Friday:

On the other hand, I'm glad to see Lauren and I aren't the only ones that are a bit nervous about how exactly we're going to be able to get Christmas gifts for everyone in the family.

Doesn't it suck not having cable? I miss it so much. Hulu is your new best friend.

Victoria said...

Hulu + Netflix online streaming = my sanity. I haven't had cable for 3 years now.

And, not that I want to encourage such a thing but I'm pretty sure that not liking the Chipmunks Christmas CD is grounds for divorce, or at least a hitman. I say put him on notice.

Shackles2Garlands said...

Try too. I watched Zombieland the other night. Not excellent quality, but free.

And I feel about being unemployed. Having moved from Columbus, Ohio to Cincinnati, I haven't had anything steady in a while, just week long temp jobs. My boyfriend is an Electrician apprentice, and because he's Union, he can only work when there is anything available. He's been out of work for almost 4 months now. It's really tough, I know. I can't knit or anything, so my gifts this year will probably be a lot of baked goods (happily, our apartment includes heat/electricity, so taking advantage of that). You should just go knitting crazy and make some fun presents, like hat/scarf sets, gloves, or even try your hand at making something fun. I really want to buy one of your octopus-covers for my GPS, but can't drop anything at the moment. If you need yarn though, I have a ton of the stuff. I use it when making hair falls, and most of it I get for free. You are more than welcome to it.

Things will perk up. Time will go by and you feel like you'll never work again, then suddenly you'll have three or four calls in a day for pretty great jobs, and be forced to make a stressful decision. It's just the way things go ;- P

Princess Aura said...

I had the opposite experience with my weight and employment. When I was unemployed I was running to and fro, going to the gym, meeting friends for walks, going to the local aquatic center for a swim, or skipping meals because I was so engrossed in whatever creative endeavor. Now that I'm (blessed to be) stuck behind a desk for 8 hours a day I'm gettin a little lumpy bumpy and jiggly. ew. I haven't been a slim person in some years now anyway but I prefer my compact fat to this jiggly stuff. Now I must wage war on that. What was my point? Geez, my mind is all over the place just like my gut. ;-)

Sparklebot said...

Jillian: I am right there with you.

Restaurant Refugee: I appreciate the offer. However, I have seen the first few seasons of The L Word--a friend lent them to me after a break up once when I needed my brain to be occupied.

JakieWakie: Ok, maybe I only bought the smurf stickers for myself. I will be out early on Black Friday. So, we'll see what I can do. I can box out anyone. Plus, I have two little helpers that can cause distractions for me!

Victoria: Hulu is great for sitcoms. Troubletron and I like to watch a lot of documentaries, though, which are harder to find. Not that Troubletron cant. He finds them. But, they aren't as readily available.

And, Troubletron says if I divorce him, good luck finding any male who likes the Chipmunks. It seems he's out of touch with reality on this topic.

Shackles: Thanks for the encouraging words. My knitting skills have not progressed far enough for me to do something as complex as gloves. Basically, everyone would get a scarf or hat--and most of them have gotten a scarf or hat from me in the past. I'm a one-trick pony!

Princess Aura: I can see how having lots of free time could lead to more personal movement. However, Troubletron and I share one automobile. So, I am left at home all day alone, with no way to travel by public transit. Not that I'm opposed to hopping on a bus, but it's not nearly as fast/efficient in VA as it was when I lived in DC. Sigh. I miss DC.

Monica said...

I'm right there with you on #4. I wanted to put up my Xmas tree the day after Halloween, but the husband nixed that idea(as he does every year). My parents, on the other hand, are "those people" in the neighborhood who keep their holiday lights up and on the front porch year-round. They claim that everyday is a celebration. Maybe you could try that argument?

smith fam said...

You need to pull out those Christmas decorations...who cares if it is early. I used to judge those who put up decorations too soon, but then I realized that winter stinks and Christmas decor makes it stink a lot less. It will make you feel at least a little better.

And I feel your pain about the fat hard to get unfat, yet so easy for me to get fat again...especially with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all in a few months period. I hate having a closet of clothes that doesn't fit.

I've never been a Buffy watcher, but I feel the same way about Gilmore Girls. Just finished watching the series last month and now all bummed that it isn't even real. Its just a show, its just and show...and its over.

Sometimes that dollar section has some pretty good stuff...

Rori said...

haha omg girl 2 and 3! I so feel you! I lost 40 pounds when i moved to the NW. Now I've gained 20 of it back in the last year and a half i've been back. Stress and using a car are the culprits for me. sigh. are we doomed to be chubby chicks for the rest of our lives? fail.

I don't get to read your blog very often. probably once a month or so. my boyfriend lives in a virtual world of star wars mmo and hogs it. I have to whine and complain to get on. then he spends to whole time going "are you gone yet?"