December 1, 2009

Days of Christmas: Day 1

Today, December 1, is the day that families across the world get to crack open that first door on their advent calendars, counting down the days until the magic of Christmas is here. A piece of chocolate or a tiny surprise awaits every day from now until December 25th.

I want to share that magic with you.

Starting from this moment, think of Ped Eggs and Hamlet as not only a blog, but as a sort of internet version of an advent calendar. From now until Christmas, there will be at least one Christmas-themed post every day (intermingled with regular posts of thoughts, snarks, and goings-on).

Awesome, right?

So, here's Day 1:

While the kids were here over the Thanksgiving weekend, we began our Christmas season celebration by breaking out the gel-paints . . .
. . . and mugs of cleansing waters . . .
. . . to create 8 cheesy "stained glass"* ornaments to add a personal touch to our Christmas tree.
These ornaments are stylistically reminiscent of some ornaments my family made 20-25 years ago where you pour tiny crystals into manufactured frames, bake, and are left with "stained glass" ornaments. Did you do those? Where can I get those now?

On an additional note, my friend Beth makes REAL stained glass ornaments and sells them for a more-than-reasonable amount on her Etsy shop: Visual Anarchy. I have 5 of her stained glass stars myself. They are beautifully hand-crafted.

*"Stained Glass" is apparently the manufacturer's way of indicating a particular "look." These ornaments are neither stained nor glass. They are painted plastic.

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NG said...

Ooo, I know what you mean. Those are awesome. I've seen those things at Michaels, but can't find them on their website now.

sooz said...

I DID do those! And Christmas themed shrinky-dinks. Why don't they make this stuff anymore?

Sparklebot said...

NG: Yeah, maybe they are toxic or something and someone just realized it. Sad.

Sooz: Everyone keeps talking about these shrinky-dinks. I have no idea what that is.

Jillian said...


Actually- even if you did grow up there, I bet you would have heard of them. No doubt that's where they were made. Nevertheless, I weep for the fun you missed out on. Yes- the all caps were necessary. Shrinky-dinks were super awesome.

Beth said...

We did those crystal things when I was a kid. I loved them! When the boy and girl were a lot younger I found some in the $1 section at Target and bought a bunch. I haven't seen them since though.

And thanks for the mention! I will be putting up more ornaments soon. :)

Side of Jeffrey said...

We did those ornaments as well. Thank heavens for Etsy...its a great place to go and rip off people's ideas and make things yourself for less money. That's what we are doing right now with some ornaments we are making. Thanks everyone for posting your wares and ideas on Etsy so we can take them!

R. Siren said...

I'm excited about the virtual advent calendar! I also love that your first festive Christmas post has a footnote.

And yes, I used to paint plastic when I was in Girl Scouts. My Mom still has many of my fantastic creations. Let me know if you find those paints anywhere, because I'd sure like to sniff them again.

Poor Little Critter on the Road said...

Sparklebot: I'll be enjoying your virtual advent procession. I checked your Etsy site, and I have one comment: I think your scarf is priced too low. I haven't done the market research, of course, and I'm sure they can turn these out for cheaper in a factory somewhere in China, but your needlework is very good, your aesthetic choices are excellent, and buyers should pay more. Of course, I have no idea if they will, but that's what I think.

Finally, tell your friend Beth to put some stars on her Etsy site and I'll go buy some. Right now it's all angels and candy canes. Not my oeuvre.