January 18, 2010

Current Events (sort of)

Last night, I fell into bed beside Troubletron with mock despair about what I should blog about today.  He pretendedly tried to soothe my fake frustration by throwing out blog ideas like "current events" and "political commentary."  And, that's why, today, I bring you OUR current events.

1) I recently dropped off some clothes at the dry cleaner.  They will be ready today.

It's a discount drycleaner.

2) I finally dyed my hair.  Only, I can't afford a salon.  So, I bought some home hair dye with a coupon and talked Troubletron into trying his hand at it.

It would be nice if I had a photo to accompany this current event, but alas, both of us had dye-covered hands throughout the process (not conducive to camera holding).  And, I haven't taken any photos of myself since the finished product.  So, maybe notice next time I post a photo of myself?

Troubletron did a surprisingly excellent job.

3) I found my dream ream.

But, I didn't buy it.  We're too poor.  It's just comforting to know it exists.

4) Even though no one will eat all the Christmas candy we still have sitting around the house, I was drawn to this aisle like a moth to a flame.

5)  My "Golden Ticket" to Oprah's Live Your Best Life Weekend Sweepstakes was not a winner.  Even though I really wanted it to be a winner.

And, now, I believe you're all caught up with our current events.  What's going on with you?

4 Robot Reactions:

Trouble Tron said...

Why would you be surprised that I did an excellent job of dyeing your hair? I am excellent at all sorts of less than income raising activities. Like.....watching hours of LOST in one sitting, posing Hulk Hogan style in the mirror, humming Hall & Oates tunes, and getting attacked by a 6 inch long parakeet! See, I am TOTS useful!!

Beth said...

I hate taking clothes to the dry cleaner. I avoid it at all cost.

Jodie said...

That's a pretty killer ream. Way to be frugal on the dye!

Jillian said...

Between Cadbury making mini eggs for both Christmas and Easter....and Valentines day Cherry, sugar covered gummy hearts....I am destined to be chubby forever.