January 8, 2010

Things I Can't Explain

1) Why Troubletron and I each had framed, textured Audrey Hepburn posters when we got married . . .

. . . and why we kept them both.

2) Why we keep a wookie in the bathroom.

3) Why we all can't just get along.

4) Why I have held onto this musical unicorn on a rainbow cloud statue for 24 years.

And, why it would kill me if it ever broke or got lost.

5) Why we can't seem to manage to change the light bulbs in our mummy lamp until ALL FOUR of the bulbs blow out (should be any day now)

6) What that wet drip is on the back of our front door . . .

. . . how it got there, and what wet source it originated from . . . and why no one has ever tried to clean it up.

7) Why I can't seem to GIVE AWAY this Christmas candy.

Even though it's crazy delicious.

8) Why I can't say no to a magnetic notepad.

9) How this argyle sweater-vest wearer came from the family with a Redskin's room.

I'm glad he did.

5 Robot Reactions:

Carly said...

I think the fact that you both had Audrey Hepburn posters means that you are soul mates.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I think there are a couple of new years resolutions built into this post - starting with the mummy.

R. Siren said...

I love the collection of various religious and spiritual symbols. It reminds me of Kenneth's display in the 30 Rock Secret Santa episode.

Anonymous said...

The drip on the door is lubricating oil from the thingamagig at the top. At least I think it is.

k a t y said...

I liked this.