January 14, 2010

Thoughts (of the random persuasion)

1) I just want to assure all my readers who expressed concern yesterday (about me not having a TV) that I spend Plenty of time watching TV-on-internet.  Don't you all worry.  I'm not one of those weirdos who thinks TV is bad or anything.  Rampant, unending unemployment has made us extremely poor and unable to pay the cable bill--so bye-bye TV.

Have I missed it?  I can't say YES emphatically enough.  But, I have plenty of things to do to fill my time.

2) When did Rainbow Brite grow up into a sexy-figured 20-something who is hotter than I am?

And why am I feeling bad about myself after seeing the new and improved (read: slutty) Rainbow Brite?  Because that's exactly what they want me to feel.

3) Why does everyone want me to see Avatar so badly?  What if I think it looks stupid?  What if I think those people who are STILL standing in lines at my local theater to see it also look stupid?  What if I want nothing to do with it?  What if I think every person who tries to convince me that I'll like it sounds to me like a person with a mental defect . . . or alternative agenda?  Why do I have to see it?

I don't.  So back off.

And, seeing movies in 3D gives me a headache, so that just adds to my distaste for it.

4) Why did the Entertainment Book website insist that I order the "Maryland/DC" coupon book when I clearly live in Northern Virginia?

I put in my Northern VA address, and the Maryland/DC book came up.  I thought that seemed like a mistake, so I browsed the geographic books available.  There was definitely a "Northern VA" book.  However, when I selected said Northern VA book, the Entertainment Book website warned me that it knew best, and that I should go with the book result returned from my zip code search.

So, I trusted the Entertainment Book website.  And, now I have $20 book of coupons, half of which can only be used in a state I don't live in.

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Trouble Tron said...

First off.....you are WAY sexier that Rainbow Brite! Plus much taller and smarter and not made of plastic. So STUFF YOU Rainbow Brite!

Also, it is tots okay to hate Avatar and all it stands for. (that said, I would still like to see it one day)

JakieWakie said...

Avatar just wasn't that good. The special effects make it very pretty to watch, but overall it's nothing special. The dialogue is cliche' and the bad guys (the humans) are unrealistically evil. I walked out of the movie thinking it was nice to see once, but I don't ever want to see it again.

Anonymous said...

AVATAR is a beautiful film. It is worth seeing simply because of its contribution to the advancement of cinematography. Did you know the CG technology was not yet invented, so they created it specifically for this movie? It could potentially be the Star Wars of our time. Sure the storyline may be a bit cliche, but the film is extremely memorable. See it if you appreciate film, and also because it would please Trouble Tron. I'll go with him if you won't!

Sparklebot said...

Troubletron: Thanks baby. But, I can see that she's hotter!

Jakie: Yeah. That's what I keep hearing. Why would I want to stand in line with a bunch of freaks to get a headache just to see something "pretty?" It doesn't make sense.

Anonymous: While I do care about film, I care almost nothing for advancements in CG technology. And, comparing it to Star Wars only makes me want to see it less. Perhaps you forgot that I'm a girl. Whatever the case, if Troubletron really wanted to see it, I'd see it with him. But, he doesn't really care.

PKYoung said...

Avatar = FernGully on crack. We had absolutely no interest whatsoever to see it but everyone kept telling us how amazing it was, so we decided one night that we had nothing to do that we would go see it. It was a good movie, I enjoyed it. Paul thought it was too predictable but he did enjoy it as well (though he doesn't think he'll ever see it again). I do think you should see it but if 3D gives you headaches you can wait till it comes out on DVD...I got motion sick in the theater from all the craziness.

Anonymous said...

I think the only 3 people in the world who didn't like Avatar are reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

PS - I'm a girl, and I like Avatar. Very pretty. Good music too. I liked the original star wars trilogy also. But then again, I'm very popular with nerds.

Shackles2Garlands said...

I watched Avatar online, and was bored by it. I love Sigourney Weaver, but whenever I think sci-fi with her, I think Alien (which is awesome). I genuinely don't see the hype with Avatar, and unlike Star Wars (which I'm such a geek on I even studied Huttese), which had to rely on make-shift models and great editing (which actually takes genuine skill), Avatar is almost all CG.

Shackles2Garlands said...

I actually think this looks like a cute movie, but it won't be out until March. Bonus that my fantasy boyfriend is in it (John Cusack): http://www.apple.com/trailers/mgm/hottubtimemachine/

Josh has a thing for Jessica Alba, so I can have a thing for John Cusack.

Poor Little Critter on the Road said...

To find the answer to your Avatar question, go to www.colbertnation.com and click on Movies That are Destroying Our Nation -- Avatar Edition" and watch. This will tell you everything you need to know about Avatar.

Poor Little Critter on the Road said...

p.s. Troubletron isn't that interested in seeing Avatar because he already has Star Wars in his life. He doesn't need another favorite epic.

Ginna said...

We went and saw Avatar the other day because Kris's brother told us it was worth seeing for the visual effects. I hated the storyline, it was definitely cliche, hypocritical and way more violent than it needed to be. And I agree--the humans were portrayed ridiculously. And it was WAY TOO LONG. Blah. But the visuals were cool. And I'm one of those people that would get headaches with old fashioned 3d, but this didn't bother me.
Anyway, I didn't like it, but I do have to say that the visual effects were innovative and interesting.

Anyway, there you go. And we didn't have cable all last year--just the lame tv you can get over the digital antennae, and I missed it for sure. Internet TV is just not the same!