May 28, 2010

For those in the "They All Died in the Crash" camp . . .


For those of you who think the airplane-on-the-beach-with-no-people footage at the end of the Lost finale held some kind of MEANING--meaning that is weightier than the WORDS the producers used to explain the ending to you, through Christian Shephard--I suggest you read this article:

You are not alone.  That footage confused many people who also didn't listen carefully (ahem, Troubletron).  However, the footage was just a way to ease you out of the finale and into the following nightly news.  Whatever that means.

2 Robot Reactions:

Trouble Tron said...

In defense of people who were "fooled" I would simply mention the NUMEROUS time character's words have deceived us!

Side of Jeffrey said...

Also, they were some cool why not showcase them? They were probably in their archives and they thought, why not?