March 1, 2010

Friendly Fun

You may remember, not long ago, Idiocorb and Jennbot humiliated Troubletron and me on our home turf in a game of Cranium.  That sting of defeat has resonated in our minds and faces for too long.  So, we invited them over for a game night rematch.  This time, we chose Ticket to Ride and Taboo (aka "The 'boo").

We started off with Ticket to Ride.

Ticket to Ride is not a team game, but we sat very close to each other, anyway.

Idiocorb and Jennbot examine their train cards.
The game was tense.
Only one of us could emerge the winner.  You'd think that it might have been Jennbot from this smile.
But, it wasn't.
Sparklebot won the first game (boo yeah.  I never win!).  But, then Idiocorb CREAMED us all in the second game (after much intimidation through gang signs).

As you can see, Yellow CLEARLY had the longest continuous track.
When we grew weary of train building, we moved to the living room for The 'Boo.

I'd like to say that this isn't how my face really looks . . . 
but, apparently, it IS how my face really looks.

Idiocorb tried to play it cool.
But, he and Jennbot soon realized that we were in it to win it.
Troubletron does NOT mess around with the buzzer.
He even changed his shirt to keep cool for the intensity of the game.  The rest of us remained fully clothed.
Who won?
You KNOW Troubletron and Sparklebot DOMINATE in The 'Boo.

Having regained our champion title, we let them play with our new bird, Beaker.  Check him out on the Photo blog.

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6 Robot Reactions:

JakieWakie said...

Congrats on winning Ticket to Ride! I feel like, as the giver of that game, I had a hand in your victory.

Rohan said...

Don't feel too bad, Shons and I's scoresheet looked a lot worse than that when we played them in the Boo.

Sparklebot said...

Jakie: Thanks again for the game. It's been one of our most-used Christmas presents, for sure. The kids really enjoy it.

Rohan: You and Shonsbot are, hopefully, practicing up for the next game night.

Jenbot said...

Ok, disclaimer: Jenbot was suffering from sleep deprivation which undoubtedly put some clouds in her thinking, causing her Taboo skills to be sub-par. Plus, I was out of practice. I still have faith in my 'Boo skills...

idio said...

the weak link was me. when it comes to the "boo" i am always sub par though I can sometimes shine receiving the clues. man i love the railroad though.

Side of Jeffrey said...

What was black's problem on that second game? Vancouver to Calgary without a point?